by SafeDNS
Hardware Independent
Firewall And Intrusion Prevention System, VPN Server,
Application Control, Content Filtering
Monitoring and reports
Categorized reporting on the use of web resources. Reports on allowed and blocked sites. Detailed log by resource visit time.
As a low level filtering Firewall can block network traffic based on the protocol, IP address, network port or other network packet parameters. SafeUTM firewall can detect and block incoming threats as well as prevent devices within your network spreading the malware to other networks.
Remote with VPN
Blocking attacks, DoS, spyware, Windows telemetry, botnet command centers, cryptominers, prevention of virus activity within the network. Blocking unfavorable regions by GeoIP and IP reputation.
Intrusion prevention system
• Your company is growing
SafeUTM can help growing companies improve their network management and overall network stability and security. If you are a stable growing company your technical park grows with you. Your company gets more and more computers or remote employees which should be served with a good and stable network.

Regular corporate routers are not the best solution for many reasons. What if you need more roles with different traffic rules for separate departments? Here's a list of some of the most common problems SafeUTM solves perfectly. To start using SafeUTM, it's enough to simply put a SafeUTM server before the router so it becomes a gateway. Bear in mind, SafeUTM can also work as a standalone proxy-server which is the best way to try our solution.

• When most of the employees become remote. (VPN tunneling)
Some routers are not powerful enough to handle multiple VPN connections at the same time. Remote VPN access is available with the latest protocols without losing connection stability: Wireguard, IKEv2/IPSec, SSTP, L2TP/IPSec. User portal comes with instructions, a script for creating a VPN connection. Authorization of users is provided via Active Directory.

• When a corporate router is just not enough. (Easy network management)
SafeUTM can give a significant boost to your network security and traffic management. User-friendly interface is familiar to those who used any other types of corporate routers or gateways before.

SafeUTM gives more than just a firewall any corporate router can give. It provides you with WAF, content filter, traffic shaping, roles management, IPS & IDS, DPI and many more.

• When you need a guarantee your data won't be leaked. (Security confidence)
Web Application Firewall protects published web applications from vulnerability scanning, SQLi, XSS, DoS, and other attacks. Publishing a mail server through a mail relay will protect the server from DoS attacks, password guessing and spam. Those security tools can protect your company from any known network threats, and all the attempts will be captured by the system and shown in comprehensive reports. You can even build your own report with graphs using reports builder.

We put together a compilation of the best use cases of SafeUTM so you can see how to integrate such a solution into your infrastructure & help you cut back on unnecessary expenses of all kinds.
September 16, 2022
How to Use a UTM Solution & Win Time, Money and Resources
To put it short, SafeUTM differs from others mostly by being hardware agnostic - it does not require any specific hardware.
August 16, 2022
Unified Threat Management: The All-in-One Cybersecurity Solution
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password servicemode
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Minimal Requirements:*
* Requirements vary greatly depending on the network load and used services such as content filtering, antivirus and intrusion prevention system.
No preinstalled OS or additional software is necessary to install and run Safe UTM. Safe UTM is installedto a dedicated server from an installation CD or USB-flash, file system is automatically created and all necessary components are installed.You can see configuration examples and load test results in the documentation.
You can get equipment recommendations and find out compatibility details in the technical support service.
Standard Windows, Linux or Mac OS X software is sufficient to connect to the device server. Connection of mobile devices on Android, iOS and other OSs is supported.
• Intel Pentium G/i3/i5/Xeon
• E3/Xeon E5 with SSE 4.2 instructions support, UEFI mode support
8 Gb (16 Gb if number of users is over 75)
HDD or SSD, capacity 64 Gb or more, with SATA, SAS. Additional HDD or SSD when using a mail server is required
Disk subsystem
Two network interface cards (or two network ports) 100/1000 Mbps. Cardswith Intel, Broadcom chips recommended. Realtek, D-Link and others supported.
Network adapters
Any modern virtualization systems
VMware (Workstation and ESXi) versions 6.5.0 and higher; Microsoft Hyper-V (2nd generation); VirtualBox; KVM; Citrix XenServer.
Display and keyboard
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