by SafeDNS
3 reasons to switch
from your current solution
to SafeUTM
Already have a firewall in place and worried about complicated migration process?
Download the presentation 3 reasons to switch from your current solution to Safe UTM
1. Simplicity.
‣ No need to spend hours on training, installation and configuration. Safe UTM is easy to install, easy to learn and easy to use. Couple of button clicks and it works just like that.

‣ Incredibly user-friendly graphic UI makes network security management a unique experience which gives peace of mind and saves plenty of time to allocate on other important tasks.

‣ Our unique technology of object management dramatically simplifies creating firewall rules and provides incredibly thorough filtering for the most sophisticated needs. Objects can be IP addresses, IP address ranges, subnets, domains, ports, time, users, user groups – you no longer need to keep all these details handy. Configure once and utilize further.

‣ Safe UTM team is ready to assist 24/7 directly from the product interface. No need to log a complicated support case and wait for hours worrying about your business. Open the chatbox within Safe UTM UI and get your answers in no time.

3. Support.
‣ Our highly-skilled technical team will be there to help with installation, configuration or migration from existing solution at no additional fee.
‣ SafeUTM helps companies to cut the costs in many various directions:

‣ Easy and transparent licensing helps to work out the most beneficial option for your business;

‣ Flexible pricing policy: get a unique proposal which fits your budget and your needs;

2. Cost-effectiveness.
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