by SafeDNS
6 reasons to become a SafeDNS Partner
We value our partners and are ready to invest our time and effort to grow together. We are here to educate, support and ensure your company can leverage all the benefits our brand has to offer. Sell our product, manage it, earn and build a great synergy which will drive our joint business to success.
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1. Great product. Easy to use, easy to learn, easy to sell.
You click, you install and it works just like that. Forget about long hours of training and complicated configuration guides. It's so easy to manage and master that in no time we make sure you are a confident seller offering the best service to your customer.
No need to invest a lot of time and effort to approach your first customer. We will provide all the necessary documentation, presentations and whitepapers to easily start a promotion campaign fully equipped.
2. Ready-to-use materials for successful selling.
Every customer values responsiveness and immediate support. With SafeDNS, they will not need to log a complicated support case and wait for an answer worrying about their business. They will start the chat directly from the product UI and get all the answers in no time.
3. Support directly from the product interface.
Explaining licensing to the customer and understanding the cost has never been easier! Forget about complicated calculations and a tedious process of working
on a bill of quantities. Our easy, transparent and extremely flexible licensing system makes sure you adjust to the customer's most specific requirements and create the most cost-effective and competitive proposal on the market.
4. Easy and transparent licensing.
5. Price protection. We mean what we say.
When you register your deal, we price-lock it for you. Stay with us and we will stay with you. New Business, Renewal or Upsell: we stand by our partner to prosper together.
6. Dedicated partner manager.
– In the middle of a customer meeting you receive a question you cannot answer?

– You need to make an urgent and critical decision which requires support from the vendor and it needs to be done... NOW?

Forget about long mail trails and countless attempts to contact the vendor for support. Speak with your dedicated partner manager who will assist you directly in no time and prioritize your business and your customers within SafeDNS. Call, message, request an urgent meeting. We will be there for you from the initial stages of product presentation to signing the PO.