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In Safe DNS we strongly believe that even in the era of fast-growing technology and digital transformation, the most valuable asset every business has is people. People create technologies to move the world forward, people use technologies to unlock new experiences, people provide technologies to help their customers make their lives easier every single day.

We see our main mission in supporting this never ending digital journey and are always ready to go above and beyond when it comes to our customers.

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  • No question will be unanswered as our SLA for support team response time is 3 minutes;

  • Migration to Safe UTM is never a problem, as our technical team can do installation, configuration and knowledge transfer at no cost;

  • When you get Safe UTM, you get the software created for you: with 3-4 major releases we do every year, we commit to our customers and constantly add the features at the top of their wish-list. As you buy the product of today, you also get the product of the future as all our active customers receive constant free updates on a quarterly or biannual basis.

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